Transforming how marketing theory is put into practice

With training, toolkits and experts

Our Mission

At The Digital Co, we are passionate about your development in digital marketing

That's why we collaborate with the best digital minds around, offering you specialist training and advice, to add value to your skill set and your business.

Best of all, we keep things fun, enlightening and totally tailored to you.


At The Digital Co, you come first


Our hand-picked specialists tailor training to suit your level, objectives and business needs.

The Digital Co Training Process ensures our sessions are personal, hands on and customised to suit each audience. By tailoring our training, we know we're equipping you with the knowledge and know how you need to get results.

Think interactive TED talk rather than stuffy lecture.

Why is this right for you?

Training is not a one-way conversation - you need to want to learn. That's why we ask you to analyse your methods and re-evaluate your current approach before training. From the moment you sign up, we are focused on getting better!

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Tailored Digital Marketing Training

13+ channels & over 30 training courses designed around your objectives and needs.


TDCo Membership

Your Marketing Toolkit of content, guides, skills tests, discounts and a performance review tool.

With our partners, we have produced strategy templates, best practice guides, how-to videos as well as beginner & advanced skills tests across 13+ channels. All focused on pointing your marketing strategy in the right direction.

Our performance review tool gives an expert report for businesses needing a digital marketing strategy but doesn't want to pay those agencies fee's.

Why is this right for you?

Our membership is focused on helping you understand your digital marketing performance and level, then giving you the information to self-improve. and if you still need a helping hand, we offer discounts on that too.

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Get access to a full marketing toolkit

Discounted training, PRO skills test, marketing resources - get everything you need to grow.

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A completely consultative approach to In-House training.

With .Co-create, we'll work together to solve your business's unique pain points and upskill your team so they can continually improve performance.

Through insightful conversation and consultation, we'll identify exactly what's holding you back and deliver a full package solution, including training, workshops, documents, guides, analysis and recommendations.

Why is this right for you?

Training can help your business in multiple ways, but it can be hard to get what you need. Our multi-skilled partners are actual practioners of their trade and can not only assess your business requirements, they can coach, train and deliver documents that can help you on your way.

Once we have identified and agreed your challenges, we deploy the appropriate expert to deliver the training you need.


Tailored In-House Training

Get a training programme that syncs perfectly with everything your business is and needs to be.

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Practical resources like Expert blog, fun Skills Tests and Industry Events.

We try to offer you everything you need to support actionable changes and real, sustained growth, that's why we've developed plenty of inspiring resources and .Collateral; online Skills tests across 13+ channels & practical blog posts written by our partners.

Why is this right for you?

For a start, our unique Skills Tests establish exactly where your strengths lie and where your knowledge gaps are hiding - giving you a good idea of where you want to go next and making it easy for us to build a training plan to suit you perfectly.

Our in-depth and incisive blog, case studies and templates from our expert trainers will help you put your learning into practice.

Practical .Content

Improve your .Competency right now

Test your skills, broaden your horizons and tap into the latest industry developments.

Let's Go

Tailored Training: How we get it right

01. Choose your Course

Once you've decided on the right training course, tell us a bit about you, your team and your business.

02. Test Yourself

Our online skills test will hunt out any areas of need for you and your team and anyone else who's attending the training.

03. Tailor-made Training

We listen to your needs and objectives, mix in your skill test result, and build you a bespoke training session.

04. Post-session Aftercare

Back in the office and struggling to put ideas into action? Do not worry; we're still here to help you with any questions you may have.

Have any questions?

Give us a shout with all of your questions, suggestions and ideas.