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Customer-Led Digital Marketing

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Customer-Led Digital Marketing

Discover how to create a digital marketing strategy that speaks to your customers.

Putting the customer at the centre of any digital strategy will help you to increase organic visibility and paid campaign click through by developing valuable and engaging content and designing intuitive platforms.

Make your marketing efforts work harder with a customer-centric approach to choosing digital channels or partnerships and to generating campaign ideas.

This training session will look what impact a deeper level of audience understanding can have for your brands. We’ll identify segment techniques that can be used to extend your audience reach and look at ways to identify user intent so you can map users to specific content touch points.

You’ll learn how to create engaging content by encouraging interaction and adding real value to your online service.

Each .Course is guided by the people who are taking part, be sure to tell us all about yourself and your ideal objectives beforehand and we'll tailor your digital marketing session to you (and your fellow attendees) as much as possible.

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The Digital Co Training process

01. Choose your .Course

Once you've decided on the right training .Course, tell us a bit about you, your business and your objectives.

02. Test Yourself

Use our online skills test to hunt out the areas that need working on for you, your business and anyone else who's coming to your session.

03. Tailor-made Training

By listening to your needs and objectives and mixing in your skill test result, we'll build you a bespoke training session.

04. Post-training Aftercare

Back in the office and struggling to put ideas into action? Do not worry; we're still here to help you with any questions you may have.

What will my day look like?

Expect tons of interaction, discussion, debate and group exercises...

... as well as case studies and live examples that will get your brain going.

  • 1 Day Intensive Course
  • 9.30am – 4.30pm (Meals & snacks on us!)
  • No more than 10 participants
  • City Centre location – The Scotch Whisky Experience

An engaging, interactive session with digital takeaways.

The small group of 10 participants ensures you get the answers you are looking for and to spark great conversations without anyone getting lost in the crowd. 

You’ll also get virtual access to the trainer if you have any questions after the session as well as everything you need to start applying your new knowledge in the real world.

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Should I take this course?

Graduates and Marketing Newbies

If you've recently graduated from a digital marketing course or you're moving into a digital role for the first time, we can show you how to apply your knowledge to the real world.

Seasoned Marketing Professionals

Perfect for professional marketers, designers or engineers who understand the value of a customer first approach and/or who need to make marketing and design decisions based on user research.

Enterprises of all sizes

Business of all sizes benefit from customer-led strategizing, whether there's a whole team devoted to on-going or future projects or a single individual, and training will help you create a cohesive approach to multi-channel marketing that works.

How will I benefit?

You will walk out the door understanding:

  • What impact a deeper level of your audience can have for your brand
  • How to create a meaningful relationship with your customers online
  • How to add real value to your online service

You will be able to:

  • Identify, define and develop your audience journey
  • Create content that engages your audience across key touch points
  • Use audience segmentation techniques to extend your audience reach

What you will learn

01.Understand your audience

  • Developments in research
  • 3 steps to creating meaningful relationships
  • What makes a successful product or brand?
  • Why customer-led marketing?
  • What do our clients respond to?

02.Identify audience segments

  • Audience situation and segmentation
  • Targeting behaviours
  • Who are our audience?
  • Who influences them?
  • What do they do, and why?

03.Determine user intent

  • Why is user intent so important
  • Identifying the user journey
  • Classifying search queries
  • Speaking to your customers
  • What paths do users take to our products/services?
  • What do they see and which platforms do the use?
  • What do they expect from us?
  • How can we have an open dialogue with them?

04.Engage via owned content

  • Encourage users to interact
  • Defining customer value
  • Customer activity cycle
  • What does value mean to our customers?
  • How can we add value through our content and service?

Don't be distracted by bells and whistles - your marketing strategy needs a solid, guiding core

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Sarah Curds

Informed Design

Owner and founder of Informed Design, Sarah has 15 years of digital marketing experience and she spent eight of those with one of the top digital agencies in Europe. Used to leading complex international design and marketing campaigns for brands of all sizes, she's got a real eye for detail as well as plenty of exciting ideas for the bigger picture.

An enthusiastic trainer who's also the driving force behind countless fantastic UX and CRO campaigns, Sarah's a warm, calming and inspiring presence.

Meet Sarah

The customer should be at the heart of all strategies - learn how to put them there

Your venue

Where are we hosting you? The Scotch Whisky Experience Vaults, of course! A peaceful wee gem, overlooking the city, with state of the art tech and the perfect working vibe. There will be plenty of space for spreading out and delicious, Scottish meals and snacks to keep your creative fire stoked.


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