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SEO isn't an optional extra when it comes to search marketing, it's the very fabric your strategy should be fashioned from. Learn how to maximise organic search opportunities and create channels that work in harmony.

Basically, Organic search traffic should be your highest traffic channel by volume and really ought to be delivering the strongest return on investment of all marketing channels. If it's not, it's time to revitalize your skill set and learn how to advantage of the latest opportunities in key search engines' ranking algorithms to get an edge in rankings.

When it's done right, SEO can maximise the performance of all search marketing channels, and should be approached with a cross-channel strategy sympathetic to your business' unique goals.

Training will also help you get to grips with troubleshooting strategy approach, implementation difficulties, appropriate prioritisation and technical headaches. You'll also get to grips with key tools that support a data-led approach and practise quantifying your key issues and solutions with some solution specific workshopping.

Adaptable to suit everyone from the newest SEO initiate to someone who's been round the digital marketing block a few time, this TDCo training set will set you up with solution-driven skills and techniques.

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The Digital Co Training process

01. Choose your .Course

Once you've decided on the right training .Course, tell us a bit about you, your business and your objectives.

02. Test Yourself

Use our online skills test to hunt out the areas that need working on for you, your business and anyone else who's coming to your session.

03. Tailor-made Training

By listening to your needs and objectives and mixing in your skill test result, we'll build you a bespoke training session.

04. Post-training Aftercare

Back in the office and struggling to put ideas into action? Do not worry; we're still here to help you with any questions you may have.

SEO Training Courses

New to SEO

If SEO is a new playing field for you, this is the best place to strap on your boots.

Perfect for experienced marketers as well as those new to the industry, our starting out courses that will give you a great grounding in everything you need to know about SEO.

Starting with the basics, you'll learn how to pull a strategy together and how to drive performance forward – just what you need, whether you're a web owner yourself or you're a digital marketer looking to improve your skillset or to transition into SEO.

Discover the secrets of successful SEO through invigorating training sessions.

Not only will you find out all about SEO and its role in digital marketing campaigns, you'll have the chance to ask questions, meet loads of likeminded people and get a close look at the kind of tools available.

When you train with The Digital Company, you'll be learning from the best. We only pick experts who're out there making their own success stories – and who're ready to help you write your own.

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Advance your SEO skills

Ready to take your SEO abilities up an all important notch or two?

If you've already got a good grounding in SEO, then now's the time to fine tune your abilities and take the next step in your career. Become that TL or thought leader, with advanced SEO training that really delivers. Too often, professionals leave training sessions thinking 'I knew that already' – not with us.

We give you the chance to ask questions pre-training, so we know you're getting the info you need. And, of course, you'll only ever be learning from real experts who're out there making waves in the SEO scene.

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Developing your team's SEO resources

Give your team a strong core with training to develop their SEO abilities, not matter what their individual role or level.

Ask us your tricky questions beforehand and we'll make sure your training has the answers to your businesses' needs. Your team will learn the latest whitehat SEO practices and proven tactics from expert trainers with plenty of experience in the field.

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QueryClick are a data-led, performance driven Search Marketing agency. They deliver award-winning high performance campaigns tied to your business objectives across their specialist areas including Search Engine Optimisation marketing.

Their unique in-house agile toolkit allows them to outcompete your competition and solve revenue driving issues other agencies don't even notice. They work with the biggest brand in their markets - including EE, Hilton, Tesco, BBC, and Toy R Us - to drive bottom line performance online.


8 Million Stories

8MS are a performance driven, content and digital marketing agency focused on delivering a clear ROI for clients. They are market leading in a wide range of digital disciplines including Link Building and Outreach & Engagement.

An Award winning, 8MS team has lead some of the some of the most complex, international digital marketing campaigns for the kind of globally-renowned brands that'll blow your mind – including BBC, Glenfiddich, Conde Nast Group, Farfetch, Blackcircles, Universal Music and Standard Life.


The Venue

We pick city centre locations so you'll be able to get here easily and always get the day off to a good start with a hearty breakfast.


Our SEO training benefits

  • Expert trainers
  • Actionable insights
  • Whitehat techniques
  • Proven tactics

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