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PPC is like the best backup singer there is with its ability to pick and choose when to boost the chorus when it is struggling. Its key strength is an unrivalled ability to dynamically target priorities as part of a larger search strategy, building brand visibility for key products and areas.

When you reach out to search traffic via PPC you're much more likely to convert than you are through paid advertising channels. Why? Because you've the opportunity to provide a solution that's tightly linked to their search intent.

But if you want to make the most of PPC's power, you've really got to target it to a clear, granular strategy that's mining value from the long tail. Not every business can bid on every word or phrase and a poor account structure decreases quality scores, increasing cost per click. Only an efficient and well driven campaign has even a chance of competing for the highest volume search terms.

To help you transform your PPC campaigns into a picture of efficiency, foundational PPC strategies lie at the heart of our training. Learn how to build performance account structures and bid strategies that reinforce success and ensure CPAs retain solid profit margins across the board, proving the case for your paid search budget from day one.

Whether you're part of a digital agency and are brushing up on your PPC skills, you've your own retail site and you're driving for a better ROI or you're a fee agent planning to specialise in PPC, this is the training for you.

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The Digital Co Training process

01. Choose your .Course

Once you've decided on the right training .Course, tell us a bit about you, your business and your objectives.

02. Test Yourself

Use our online skills test to hunt out the areas that need working on for you, your business and anyone else who's coming to your session.

03. Tailor-made Training

By listening to your needs and objectives and mixing in your skill test result, we'll build you a bespoke training session.

04. Post-training Aftercare

Back in the office and struggling to put ideas into action? Do not worry; we're still here to help you with any questions you may have.

PPC Training Courses

New to PPC

Just starting out when it comes to PPC? This is the training session to get you going.

Our starting out courses explain everything you need to know to start, manage and improve campaigns – perfect whether you're a digital marketer who's considering transitioning into a PPC role or you're a business owner who needs some PPC know how.

We'll take you through how PPC works in your industry and the way it performs brilliantly as part of a wider campaign. You'll learn exactly which levers you need to pull for success as our experienced trainers take you through their proven PPC tactics.

Understand the brilliance of PPC with our inspiring training sessions.

Not only will you find out all about PPC and how it can enhance digital marketing campaigns, you'll have the chance to ask questions, meet loads of likeminded people and get a close look at the kind of tools available.

When you train with The Digital Company, you'll be learning from the best. We only work with expert trainers who're out making a difference to the digital landscape everyday.

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Advance your PPC skills

Time to give your PPC skills a sigificant boost?

If you've already got a good understanding of the ins and outs of PPC, then now's the time to fine tune your abilities and take the next step in your career. Become that TL or thought leader, with advanced PPC training that really delivers. Too often, professionals leave training sessions thinking 'I knew that already' – not with us.

We give you the chance to ask questions pre-training, so we know you're getting the info you need. And, of course, you'll only ever be learning from real experts who're out there creating killer campaigns day in, day out.

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PPC development package for businesses

PPC is fantastic for creating rapid growth but only if you're in control!

No matter whether you're a small business or a huge enterprise, we'll help you set up, manage and expertly wield a campaign for your business in a training session accessible for all levels of PPC'ers.

Learn from the best – all our experts have been handpicked for their ground-breaking skills.

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QueryClick are a data-led, performance driven Search Marketing agency. They deliver award-winning high performance campaigns tied to your business objectives across their specialist areas including Pay-Per-Click marketing.

Their unique in-house agile toolkit allows us to outcompete your competition and solve revenue driving issues other agencies don't even notice. They work with the biggest brand in their markets - including EE, Hilton, Tesco, BBC, and Toy R Us - to drive bottom line performance online.


8 Million Stories

8MS are a performance driven, content and digital marketing agency focused on delivering a clear ROI for clients. They are market leading in a wide range of digital disciplines including Link Building and Outreach & Engagement.

An Award winning, 8MS team has lead some of the some of the most complex, international digital marketing campaigns for the kind of globally-renowned brands that'll blow your mind – including BBC, Glenfiddich, Conde Nast Group, Farfetch, Blackcircles, Universal Music and Standard Life.


The Venue

We pick city centre locations so you'll be able to get here easily and always get the day off to a good start with a hearty breakfast.


Benefits of our Link Building training

  • Expert trainers
  • Actionable insights
  • Cross channel overview
  • Proven tactics

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