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Integrated marketing for small businesses & startups

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Integrated marketing for small businesses & startups

How digital marketing can transform your business.

Smaller organisations and start ups are well aware that having a coherent and powerful marketing approach is essential for business success, but they are often unsure as to how to go about it.

This course will show you how to design an integrated marketing plan that incorporates the digital elements that can deliver the best results for your small business or startup. We’ll be looking at your overall marketing strategy and execution, focusing on the key objectives for your business and coming up with a plan that meets your budget constraints.

You'll understand the practicalities of carrying out marketing activities even when there is no marketing department to speak of, as part of the daily running of your business. You'll also learn to focus on the easy wins, leveraging what digital has to offer, to maximise the returns from your marketing investment.

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02. Test Yourself

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03. Tailor-made Training

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04. Post-training Aftercare

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What will my day look like?

Expect An engaging, interactive session based on a presentation with examples relating to your industry that...

... includes digital takeaways and detailed information about integrated marketing strategy and execution.

  • 1 Day Classroom Course
  • 9.30am – 4.30pm (Meals & snacks on us!
  • No more than 20 participants
  • City Centre location – The Scotch Whisky Experience

An engaging, interactive session based on a presentation with examples relating to your industry. It also includes digital takeaways and detailed information about integrated marketing strategy and execution.

The group of up to 20 participants ensures you get the answers you are looking for and to spark great conversations without anyone getting lost in the crowd.

You’ll also get virtual access to the trainer if you have any questions after the session as well as everything you need to start applying your new knowledge in the real world.

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Should I take this course?

Small Businesses

If you're looking to take your marketing to the next level and put in place an integrated marketing strategy that can be delivered with limited resources, this is the course for you.

Startups & Just-launched Co's

This course is ideal to improve your integrated marketing skills, learn new marketing tools and techniques to grow your business and come out with an action plan to start leveraging them from the word go.

Social enterprises & Not-for-Profit Co's

To learn how to integrate your online and offline efforts to raise your profile and gain traction in your community, this course is for you.

How will I benefit?

You will walk out the door understanding:

  • Integrated marketing & how it can work for you
  • How to design a top-level marketing plan that meets your objectives
  • How to run a marketing campaign alongside your other responsibilities
  • How to leverage your online & offline marketing efforts to maximise investment
  • How to leverage the best free/low-cost digital marketing tools for your business

You will be able to:

  • Design a top-level marketing plan that meets your objectives
  • Deliver an integrated marketing approach that promotes your brand
  • Use success metrics to monitor & refine your strategy

What you will learn

01. Overview of Integrated Marketing

  • The changing landscape, trends and drivers for smaller organisations
  • The business case for integrated marketing
  • The growth hacking approach and how to apply it to your organisation
  • The case for integrated marketing to support business growth
  • What are my business objectives?
  • What do I want to achieve with my marketing?
  • What is my marketing plan and is it delivering?
  • Why is integrated marketing important to me?

02. Integrated marketing for the connected world

  • Overview of Owned, Earned and Paid media
  • Consumer trends, user journeys and audience research
  • Web and blog design
  • Analytics tools
  • Local & international considerations
  • What do I need to consider when it comes to digital?
  • What are my digital marketing assets?
  • What tools do I use?
  • Do I know my target audience's behavior and customer online journey?

03. The integrated marketing toolkit

  • Channel specific strategies
  • Organic & Paid Search
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Integration with offline marketing
  • What channels are my customers using?
  • How do I measure performance and success?

04. Measuring and improving

  • Marketing metrics basics
  • How to measure quickly and effectively
  • Applying learnings to your future campaigns
  • How am I measuring success right now?
  • Do I know if my marketing is working?
  • Am I spending my budget in the best way?

05. Integrated marketing as part of your business

  • Identifying marketing quick wins for your business
  • Achieving more with limited time and resources
  • Integrated marketing into your day-to-day life
  • How much time am I dedicating to marketing?
  • Could it be more... or less?
  • Am I confident in what I am doing?
  • How can I best utilise my time and money?

If you are looking to grow, but are not sure how, Integrated Marketing is for you

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Alba Sort

Integrated Marketing Professional

Alba is an Integrated marketing professional with 15 years' international experience in the tech and digital industries. She has worked in companies of all sizes, from rule-breaking start-ups to large corporations with a global presence.

Alba has spent her career on the front-line with first hand involvement across the whole marketing continuum; from product marketing to marketing communications and online to offline roles, spanning strategy, operations, team leadership and creative input.

Meet Alba

Make your marketing go further by integrating your channels efforts

Your venue

Where are we hosting you? The Scotch Whisky Experience Vaults, of course! A peaceful wee gem, overlooking the city, with state of the art tech and the perfect working vibe. There will be plenty of space for spreading out and delicious, Scottish meals and snacks to keep your creative fire stoked.


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