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Under-utilised and often unfairly maligned, display advertising is undergoing a renaissance in online marketing thanks to the increased power of bid tools, DSPs and greater-depth biddable data.

Redefining strategies to include outreach and remarketing across traditional display bid structures is just one way your business can make use of the new breed of Display Marketing opportunities. Another is using dynamic self-serve programmatic bid tools or setting appropriate KPIs appropriately to allow you to forecast opportunities – all of which could reveal the real power of display.

Learn how to test your campaign's efficiency and run campaign testing and alternative success measurement tools as you workshop meaningful changes with your trainer.

Understanding the value of viewability on programmtic bid algorithms will help you select appropriate tools to manage your real time bids. Equally, learning assessment and risk-prevention tools will protect your budget by cutting down on instances of click fraud.

Finally, training can help you understand audience selection, bid triggers, and show you how to refine your ad trigger locations, ensuring you only associate your brand with positive online experiences on appropriate sites with fine-grain control.

Whether you run a team of 100 marketers deploying an omni-channel strategy to millions of customers, or you are looking to incorporate your second digital channel into your marketing mix, The Digital Co is here to help you succeed.

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The Digital Co Training process

01. Choose your .Course

Once you've decided on the right training .Course, tell us a bit about you, your business and your objectives.

02. Test Yourself

Use our online skills test to hunt out the areas that need working on for you, your business and anyone else who's coming to your session.

03. Tailor-made Training

By listening to your needs and objectives and mixing in your skill test result, we'll build you a bespoke training session.

04. Post-training Aftercare

Back in the office and struggling to put ideas into action? Do not worry; we're still here to help you with any questions you may have.

Display & Programmatic Advertising Training Courses

New to Display and Programmatic Advertising

Discover the power of Display

Perfect for experienced marketers as well as those new to the industry, our Complete Guide courses will give you a great grounding in everything you need to know about Display and Programmatic Advertising. Starting with the basics, you'll discover everything you need to know about Performance Marketing – including Real Time Bidding (RTB), Native Advertising, Programmatic, Display.

Ideal whether you're a web owner yourself or you're a digital marketer looking to improve your skillset or to transition into performance marketing

Progress and perfect Programmatic and Display skills

As well as finding out all about Display and Programmatic Advertising and its role as part of a wider digital marketing campaign, you'll have the chance to ask questions, meet loads of likeminded people and find out about the tools available right now.

When you train with The Digital Co, you'll be learning from the best. We only pick experts who're out there making their own success stories – and who're ready to help you write your own.

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Advancing your Display and Programmatic abilities

Learn how to handle bigger, more complex and more proitable campaigns

Already a successful performance marketer? Boost your career prospects or take performance even higher with our advanced sessions. Too often, people leave training saying, “I knew that already” – not with us.

Covering new trends, sharing proven tactics and offering real insights, our courses leave you invigorated and enlightened. You can even ask questions ahead of time, so you can be sure of getting the answers you need.
Take the next step in your career, become a TL or thought leader – get top quality training from experts who’re bursting with enthusiasm.

Search Display & Programmatic

Enhance your team's Display & Programmatic abilities

Equip your business with the techniques and know how it needs to deliver successful and agile Display and Programmatic Advertising

Our experts will share inspiring techniques and illustrate their relevance to your business and take your team through everything from Real Time Bidding (RTB) and Native Advertising to the latest Programmatic and Display tactics.

You'll have the chance to ask questions ahead of training, so all of your biggest pain points can be addressed as our industry specialists share their years of experience.

Search Display & Programmatic


QueryClick are a data-led, performance driven Search Marketing agency. They deliver award-winning high performance campaigns tied to your business objectives across their specialist areas including Display & Programmatic Advertising.

Their unique in-house agile toolkit allows us to outcompete your competition and solve revenue driving issues other agencies don't even notice. They work with the biggest brand in their markets - including EE, Tesco, BBC, and Toy R Us - to drive bottom line performance online.


The Venue

We pick city centre locations so you'll be able to get here easily and always get the day off to a good start with a hearty breakfast.


Benefits of our Display & Programmatic training

  • Expert trainers
  • Top tools
  • Unique insights
  • Actionable advice

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