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Online Lead Generation for SMEs – Coventry

FSB Members Training in Coventry

Online Lead Generation for SMEs

Get to grips with generating interest, capturing leads and sealing the deal.

Bridging the gap between current use of digital technology and the dynamic pace of digital change is a challenge for many SME businesses.

The solution? Perfecting the ability to use digital channels to support customer acquisition, customer engagement and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts now and in the future.

Together, we will develop a realistic, achievable lead generation plan for your business. This will help you to focus your limited resources on the things that will work for you. We’ll talk about tactics like email, social and SEO. We'll even send you away with ideas and resources to develop these channels (and others) further, but only once you’ve chosen the right tactics for the right audiences based on your own clear and achievable plan.


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The Digital Co Training process

01. Choose your .Course

Once you've decided on the right training .Course, tell us a bit about you, your business and your objectives.

02. Test Yourself

Use our online skills test to hunt out the areas that need working on for you, your business and anyone else who's coming to your session.

03. Tailor-made Training

By listening to your needs and objectives and mixing in your skill test result, we'll build you a bespoke training session.

04. Post-training Aftercare

Back in the office and struggling to put ideas into action? Do not worry; we're still here to help you with any questions you may have.

What will my day look like?

An engaging, interactive 'guided discussion' session with working examples relating to your challenges.

We will work together in breakaway teams to tackle specific challenges faced by attendees on the day. No jargon (well perhaps a teeny bit but we'll explain), just real and practical help to get you started.

  • Half Day Course
  • 1.30pm - 4.45pm (Snacks Included)
  • No more than 50 participants
  • City Centre Location

An engaging, interactive session based on a presentation - with workshop section - where questions will be highly encouraged!

The group of up to 50 participants ensures you get the answers you are looking for and to spark great conversations without anyone getting lost in the crowd.

You’ll also get virtual access to the trainer if you have any questions after the session as well as everything you need to start applying your new knowledge in the real world.

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Should I take this course?

SMEs building better bottom lines

Businesses who're wondering how their current digital set up will match up to future trends will learn the skills needed to assess and adapt. Maybe you've seen the ‘Digital Disruption Report’ prepared on behalf of the Federation of Small Business in Scotland and recognise the desire to act? Online lead generation training will set you off on the right track.

Senior Marketing Professionals

Have you been tasked with generating more web traffic and making more leads? Already running a digital marketing campaign that needs a boost? Take your years of experience to the next logical level - learn how to devise a comprehensive online lead generation strategy for all sorts of businesses.

Start Ups needing a lead generation strategy

All Start Ups need a strong beginning and a solid lead generation strategy offers an efficient way to attract attention, drive traffic, and capture leads. Learn how to boost traffic and increase lead generation, the smart way.

How will I benefit?

You will walk out the door understanding:

  • The 5 key takeaways of lead generation success
  • The skills & resources required for a lead gen campaign
  • The importance of understanding who your campaign is targeting
  • How to maximise the performance of digital customer acquisition channels

You will be able to:

  • Develop your own online lead generation campaign plan
  • Choose your digital customer acquisition channels and tactics
  • Develop your targeted campaign landing pages
  • Measure and evaluate the success of your campaigns

What you will learn

01. How to pre-qualify leads to avoid common pitfalls

  • The importance of audience segments
  • How to create a targeted value proposition
  • 5 things you need to pre-qualify a lead
  • How well do you know your own target market?/li>
  • What does an ideal customer look like?

02. How perfect planning prevents poor lead gen performance

  • The hallmarks of a successful lead generation strategy
  • How lead generating techniques fit in the customer activity cycle
  • How can my business get in shape for lead generation?
  • Do we have the skills and structure to maximse earned media?

03. How to choose your lead generation tactics

  • The key factors affecting channels and tactic choice
  • How to maximise leads from digital channels such as Social, Email, Search Optimisation and Paid Advertising
  • Which channels and tactics work well for us?
  • What channels and tactics do we want to try?

04. Strategies to secure your lead's attention

  • The importance of a campaign-specific landing page
  • The meaning of Attention Ratio and how to design for it
  • How to develop convincing calls to action
  • How can we improve the process of capturing leads?
  • Do we have a 'one size fits all' approach to lead capture?
  • How can we be more persuasive?

05. How to measure lead generation success

  • How to measure and evaluate lead generation success
  • Tools and techniques to incrementally improve conversion rate
  • What are our lead generation goals?
  • What metrics will we use to measure success?



  • Save more than 10%
  • Morning: Build a Profitable Social Business
  • - With David
  • Afternoon: Online Lead Generation for SMEs
  • - With Sarah
  • Do I have a social business?
  • Do I want more online leads?
  • If yes, then you need to sign up for the full day training

Make all of your marketing efforts work at maximum capacity, master harmonising use of digital channels

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Sarah Curds

UX Guru

Owner and founder of Informed Design, Sarah has 15 years of digital marketing experience and she spent eight of those with one of the top digital agencies in Europe. Used to leading complex international design and marketing campaigns for brands of all sizes, she's got a real eye for detail as well as plenty of exciting ideas for the bigger picture.

An enthusiastic trainer who's also the driving force behind countless fantastic UX and CRO campaigns, Sarah's a warm, calming and inspiring presence.

Meet Sarah

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