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Calum Shepherd

Digital Strategist

Calum Shepherd: Digital Strategist

Delivering actionable insights through data and experience

Calum is a digital strategist with a passion for helping shape digital strategy and great products for users.

Calum has experience setting the strategy for and delivering across search, social, web analytics, information architecture and content design. He has worked within the public and private sector for over seven years.

With extensive knowledge of the digital industry and an eye for future trends, he has an opinion on nearly everything - none of which he feels matter unless based on data.

Calum was featured within the Holyrood Tech 100 and is a regular speaker on the Scottish digital circuit including talks at LeanAgile Scotland and other events.

He’s also big on digital transformation, both it’s impact on the way we work and for the experience provided to users.

Calum's Training Creds

Calum has been focused on understanding and shaping strategy, so is best placed to help you define new propositions.

Calum has trained many small and large groups, with experience in client and in-house settings. He has a passion for insights through data and experience, so expect practical exercises, based upon real-life scenarios.

Enjoy Calums personable, but professional approach sharing his knowledge and experience with you.

Channels of Expertise

Calum's the one for:

  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO & Social Media
  • Digital Analytics

In his spare time

For Calum, it's all about the bikes! He has done the maths and ideal number of bikes is N+1 and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

If it's not on Strava, it didn’'t happen.

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