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David ‘Gill’ Fothergill

Paid Media Guru

QueryClick Ltd
7 Castle Street
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David Fothergill: Search Marketing Project Director

Making data-informed decisions to deliver successful SEM campaigns

Gill has been involved in Search Marketing for over 10 years. As a Mathematics graduate, he is believes in the importance of numbers in marketing.This strong background in data and analysis forms the backbone of his approach to SEM.

Starting out in PPC, Gill now has a wealth of knowledge in Conversion Optimisation, Web Analytics and Programmatic Advertising. His commitment to continuous improvement and testing for his clients allows him to create the multi-national, mutil-lingual, high-ROI campaigns he owns.

Gill has worked across most industries including finance, travel, retail, technology, publishing on national and global clients such as Emirates, Sony, FT, B&Q; he believes making the information work harder to 'tell a story' is key to making his digital strategies work.

This holistic view of data-informed marketing highlights the role technology plays in his day-to-day activity with QueryClick where manages the delivery of pioneering, in-house reporting & analytics tools.

Gill believes a structured approach to data-utilisation, planning and sophisticated automation techniques should be in the toolkit of any Performance Marketer. It is 'creative' analysis which helps find true insight and make informed strategy decisions.

Gill's Training Creds

Gill has been training SEM for almost a decade.

He is renowned for taking complex subjects and making them easy to digest. With a 'mentor-esq' approach, he teaches students to dive deep into concepts, breaking them apart and really understanding their dynamics.

He is not loud, or brash, instead takes trainees on a journey with carefully planned sessions. He judges his training success by the questions you ask, so don't hold back.

Channels of Expertise

Gill's the one for:

  • PPC
  • Digital Analytics
  • Conversion Optimisation

In his spare time

Gills first love is music. He even took a break from the PPC game to try and make a living as a musician during the collapse of the music industry as it once was. When he isn't working, or playing guitar, Gill is writing for Search Engine Land where he is a resident blogger on all things SEM

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