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Informed Design

Specialising in User Experience Design (UXD) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Informed Design knows how to make your clients (and your bottom-line) happy.

Creating strategies completely inspired by data and always driven by the desire to achieve measurable results, Informed Design creates, builds and optimises web, mobile and responsive sites. At the same time, it’s always working to increase conversion rate, improve user engagement, raise brand awareness and extend brand reach.

This well-balanced approach has appealed to a whole cross section of clients, with Informed Design working with and wowing awesome clients like DisneyStore UK, M&S and Cow & Gate.

Informed Design first hit the scene in 2014, when Sarah Curds (who’s been working in the digital marketing industry for 14 years, spending over 8 of these years with one of the top digital agencies in Europe leading complex international design and marketing campaigns) decided it was time to offer her unique insights to businesses big and small.

By analysing a combination of qualitative and quantitative data sources including web analytics, user research and media campaign results, Informed Design are able to completely take the guess work out of design decisions - and they know how to help you do the same.

Find out how to use data to inform (rather than drive!) user experience to create the kind of processes clients will love.

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Sarah Curds

UX and CRO queen

Owner and founder of Informed Design, Sarah has 15 years of digital marketing experience and she spent eight of those with one of the top digital agencies in Europe. Used to leading complex international design and marketing campaigns for brands of all sizes, she's got a real eye for detail as well as plenty of exciting ideas for the bigger picture.

An enthusiastic trainer who's also the driving force behind countless fantastic UX and CRO campaigns, Sarah's a warm, calming and inspiring presence.

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