Top Tools for App Marketing

27th July 2017

Mallzee Digital Marketing Team

Top Tools for App Marketing

The importance of tools and technology to marketers has never been more obvious. MarTech lets us understand our customers, our brand, our team, our performance… pretty much everything, with greater detail.

And as Mobile marketing is now front and centre, Apps are where many of us spend most of our customers ‘online-life’. So, if your business has an App, what tools are best placed to help you get the most out it?

Luckily, Rachelle and our friends at Mallzee are back with their ‘couldn’t live without’ app-specific tools she and her team rely on in their day to day.

Mallzee place huge emphasis on overall customer value – retention in App Marketing is so important

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01. Tools for: App Analytics & Measurement

Having an analytics platform set up and installed within your mobile app is as important, if not more important than your typical website analytics.

You’re typically likely to have spent more persuading a user to download and install your app than on a quick click on your website, so generating maximum value from the user beyond this point is critical. This is impossible without analytics that let you understand the user journey and differing behaviours that build to generate your ultimate User Value.

A good app analytics platform will allow you to record any in app action or user attribute you think is relevant as well as automatically highlighting core metrics such as time in app, retention rates and session counts. From here you can identify the behaviours that encourage users to stay longer, model your ideal user type, find app pain points, work out the best marketing messaging to target different user types with and so much more. Most platforms will also work out a user lifetime value for you once you flag the events that contribute value and an associated amount.

We’ve always found that the majority of the platforms on offer tend to do the same features, so when choosing your partner it’s mainly a case of preferred interface or more specific requirements. Many of the app specific platforms also combine analytics with other features (such as CRM, Deep Linking or ASO tracking as mentioned below) so make sure you choose a platform where the main focus is analytics tracking or at least get the right mix for your business.

Localytics Platform

Here are a few platforms you could try out:

Mix Panel
Google Analytics

02. Tools for: App-Specific CRM

With such an emphasis on overall user value in App Marketing, retention is a constant focal point. Thorough user specific messaging is at the heart of our retention strategy, so a substantial app specific CRM is required to make this run smoothly.

These CRMs differ from traditional email/send platforms as we’re able to feed in user behaviour and detail to build a bespoke experience for the user messaging. They also have the added ability of sending in app and push notifications as well as traditional email or text; another of the bonuses of app marketing. It’s all of these elements that make opting for an app specific CRM extremely valuable.

Mallzee App CRM Dashboard

The options on the market do tend to differ so it’s worth exploring and being clear about what a CRM needs to offer alongside your other app marketing tools. For example, our CRM does offer some user and behaviour statistics but this is intended to facilitate user targeting and would never be substantial enough as a performance measurement tool.

Our analytics platform also happens to offer the ability to trigger push notifications but with email, push, and in app messaging all working together to a personalised and triggered level, it just makes far more sense for us to have one platform that can do it all.

Here are a few platforms you could try out:

Urban Airship

03. Tools for: ASO Analysis

Just when you think you’ve cracked SEO, the world of mobile apps throws up a whole new world in ASO - App Store Optimisation.

Of course, the majority of organic discovery from your app will come from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and with organic users generally providing higher overall user value, it’s definitely something you want to take advantage of.

There’s no Google Keyword Tool for the App Store so investing in an ASO specific analysis and tracking platform is a good idea. Features vary but in general these tools will allow you to track your own keyword and overall chart rankings as well as researching relative keyword volumes and competition. From here you can select your keyword targets and hone in on those that give you the best balance of search volume and ranking ability.

Finding the sweet spots are of course even more important than in typical SEO as, particularly in the iOS App Store, target keywords are limited and there’s no option to simply add a new target landing page.

Some ASO tools in the market are beginning to release support for newly released Apple Search Ads (which have a very similar format to Google’s Pay-Per-Click Ads) with bid suggestion, tracking and competitor research tools in beta. Not only is this great news for the somewhat limited ad platform, it can also offer extra insight for organic aso, similar to the way that PPC data can aid website SEO decisions.

Don’t forget that when it comes to Google Play Store, your traditional link signals are still relevant so usual link tracking tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer are still your best friend.

AppAnnie ASO Platform

Here are a few platforms you could try out:

Sensor Tower

04. Tools for: Appstore Split Testing

As well as optimising your app store pages for ranking potential, it’s important to also consider conversion optimisation. When your store pages are in the optimal condition for visitors to fully convert and download the app, both organic and paid channels see the benefit with more organic downloads and lower overall CPAs.

It is an area that’s commonly overlooked with App Store screenshots, titles and logos simply set up in line with branding. However, just as ad copy or display imagery affects engagement, app store detail has a huge impact.

A/B testing software is very simple to use and let’s you design lookalike pages to direct traffic to for insight into which generates the best conversion rate.

We use the relatively low cost Splitmetrics for iOS and Google Play are nice enough to offer free a/b testing within the Google Play console (much like their on page a/b testing tool in Google Analytics.) The great thing with this is that the test is live on your actual store page, giving more legitimate results.

Don’t forget that the iOS and Google Play stores are different in set up with different kinds of users so you should always test thoroughly on both platforms. Don’t simply roll out a change across stores after testing on one independently.

 Mallzee split metrics logo test

Here are a few platforms you could try out:

Store Maven

05. Tools for: Deep Linking Support

The ability to link to a specific place might be easy when you’re dealing with a website but this requires support when it comes to app marketing. We use Branch to easily generate ‘deep links’ to specific areas of our app, from an account page down to product level. Not only does this allow the creation of more relevant links for marketing campaigns, there are also a range of other benefits. Platform

If a user who doesn’t have your app installed clicks one of your deep links, branch can work out which app store to send the user to. Branch also acts as a click tracking service, offering click, install and reopen insights on link clicks.

For example, we can generate a link in the branch dashboard to a specific in app feed, use the link on Twitter to take existing users straight to the feed or new users to their relevant App Store plus track the whole journey back in the branch dashboard. This type of flexibility is key with app marketing, allowing you to provide a seamless and personalised experience to every user, all driven by data.

Let’s sum this up

If you have an App, you need these tools in your life.

Rachelle has given you 14 App-specific Tool recommendations spanning across:

• App Analytics & Measurement
• App-specific CRM
• ASO Analysis
• Appstore Split-Testing
• Deep Linking Support

Try them out, find what works with you and let us know. OR if you have other tools you think might be useful to share, then tell us and we can add to the mix.

Good Luck.

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