The Give It A Go Conference – Interview with Kirsty Hulse

16th October 2017

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The Give It A Go Conference

The Give It A Go Conference

Opportunities to learn come in many forms.

We spoke to Kirsty Hulse, Founder and MD of Many Minds, about the Give It A Go Conference she has created.

Listen to our conversation and hear how Kirsty came up with the idea to host an event full of first-time speakers.

We love it.

Opportunities to learn come in many forms.

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The Give It A Go Conference

The Give It A Go Conference is a line up of Virgin Speakers: it gives anyone who hasn't spoke at a conference before a chance to do it for the first time.

Listen to our chat and hear:

• Why did Kirsty want to host this event?
• Who is talking?
• Who should attend?
• Why you should book your ticket?
• What's next in the Give It A Go series.

What The Digital Co loves about it

Learning. It's hard, scary and takes practice. So we jumped at the chance to speak to someone who is creating a safe environment for marketers to attempt one of the most common fears amongst professionals: public speaking.

With so many first time speakers, we are bowled over by the ambition from the speakers and salute their enthusiasm.

But remember, their knowledge and experience cannot be defined by how often they have publicly spoken, they also have great insights to share - so anyone attending will be hearing first time 'talks' on brand new subjects.

An event like this is a win-win - the more chances people have to nurture talent, face fears, share knowledge and learn from experts, the better our world is.

The Give It A Go Conference Details

If you have spoken before, then why not come along and use your experience to support - and if you haven't, take confidence that we all have to start somewhere.

Here is the full speaker list .

You can register for the event here - good news is it's free.

I want to go to the Conference

It is worth noting that, despite the obvious, this is a great opportunity to expand your network. So come along and meet / spy on the next crop of talented digital marketers. There's beer, coffee and food! You never know you might make a friend or 2!

Interested in speaking at the next event?

Finally, this plans to be the first of many GIAG events, so if you are interested in putting your name forward for the next events, drop Kirsty a note via;

Remember, the criteria is simple: you can't have spoken at an event before... and you must be able to talk about digital marketing.

Many Minds
Check out how Many Minds turns the traditional agency model on its head.

I'm sure you'll agree, Kirsty and co have done some amazing things as the company celebrates its 2nd anniversary.

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