Marketing to Millennials

4th October 2017

Mallzee Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing and Millennials

Perhaps one of the most talked about generations of our times, Millennials are constantly referenced for their apparent disproportionate impact on overall societal norms.

With the most widely accepted timeline of the generation being those born in the late 20th to early 21st century, it’s no surprise that one of the most stated defining features of the generation is their increased use and familiarity with digital technology, communications and media.

This of course means both a new challenge and massive opportunity for us Digital Marketers.

Marketing to Millennials is both a huge challenge and opportunity to digital marketers

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So how do you market to Millennials?

This post will take you through 4 key concepts you MUST consider when marketing to millennials – we will dive into below:

• Mobile-First Marketing
• Messaging that captures attention
• Understanding messaging Apps
• Personalising your content

But first: what is a Millennial?

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Spending my days marketing a mobile app, I’m a little biased, but the importance of mobile can’t be over stated. With 88% of online shoppers using a mobile device to shop, a mobile strategy is now much more than a ‘nice to have.’

Consider the fact that millennials are twice as likely to start and end their shopping journey on mobile and that 30% have cited mobile payment issues as a reason for abandoning a cart and you see the bottom of the funnel value of a seamless mobile experience among this audience.

This is exactly why our developers strive to stay at the forefront of mobile technologies, with every Android or iOS release meaning new features to take advantage of. Apple Pay, Android Pay & PayPal are all must haves for us with those who have it enabled converting 27% more than those who don’t.

The value doesn’t just stop with conversion, either. A recent study showed that 25% of millennials are spending more than 5 hours per day using their smart phone. That’s a lot of engagement and indeed our millennial users tend to have longer and more frequent sessions than the average.

We’ve harnessed this opportunity with regularly refreshed content aimed at millennium engagement while segment specific CRM schedules are built with this ‘always on’ nature in mind.

Short, Sharp Messaging

We regularly run user feedback events at Mallzee and our particularly young millennial users always offer the most interesting and ever-changing insights. One tried and tested discovery was their insistence that they’d never read our mobile push notifications (despite them being well under 150 characters.)

It’s no real surprise, with Microsoft unveiling an apparent millennial attention span of just 8 seconds; less than a goldfish. Even less surprising when you consider the pure volume of messages most millennials are receiving throughout the day.

The interesting and good news is that millennials actually want to receive your notifications. They’re 37% more likely to respond to a push notification than older users and are consistently more willing to allow notifications and accept a higher volume.

The key to getting noticed? Short, direct messaging that highlights the specific benefit to the user and nothing more. It may not sound ground breaking but switching from our overly styled emoji heavy messages to this direct single line style increased push notification click through rates by over 30%.

New Messaging Channels

Marketing Apps for Millennials
As well as millennial messaging styles changing, platforms are, too. Our own research has found rapidly changing habits, with under 21s frequently avoiding email addresses all together and preferring in app messaging features on social apps such as Instagram or Snapchat over typical text messaging.

This change also extends to communication with businesses, with a need to provide new customer service options such as instant chat and accepting customer service queries on traditional social media channels where they may have previously been diverted.

New solutions such as voice activated AI and chat bots are also undoubtedly something to be explored, with Google research finding that over 50% of millennials regularly use voice commands.

Retention marketing also needs to be treated differently with these changing times. The email address can no longer be relied on, with traditional newsletter campaigns flailing as users ditch email addresses and the spam traps get more intelligent to user preference.

Luckily, far more personalised, targeted and intelligent solutions are moving in to replace the traditional with behaviour triggered mobile push notifications, user specific retargeting campaigns and higher social media brand loyalty than ever before.

Personalisation is Key

Personalisation for Millennials
As a mobile app, person centric UX and user testing is always at the heart of what we do at Mallzee but there’s even more need when it comes to the higher expectations and technological comfort of our millennial customers.

The norm isn’t enough for these users, they expect a seamless experience, for the technology to anticipate their every need.

At the core of this is personalisation, offering different experiences for the individuals based on expressed behaviours. Think Google anticipating your search or iOS letting you know how long it will take to get to your next meeting. For digital natives this kind of convenience is expected. And it’s a learning us marketers can take from the developers that have long strived to satisfy the demand.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach that will work. Instead, CRM campaigns need to be made up of multiple lifecycle and behaviour triggered campaigns. There needs to be personalisation that ranges from something as simple as including your first name to suggesting products you’ll like, customising a discount and even offering help at the right moment.

This is an approach that generates consistently improved conversion rates across our campaigns at Mallzee and is a sentiment that has been constantly echoed across research from Google to American Express.

The Key Takeaways

It may be easy to be threatened by the apparent overwhelming change the millennial generation constantly brings. The reality is that the opportunity far outweighs the challenge.

Here’s an open generation, willing to be marketed and communicated to and looking for solutions to daily challenges with brand loyalty that far exceeds previous generations. With a little bit of smart, user centric and forward-thinking marketing, there’s huge value to be uncovered.

• Focus on mobile first and ensure a full and seamless purchase experience is possible.

• Keep your messaging style short and direct to grab attention among mobile device notifications.

• Leverage new and developing channels and consider the new ways millennials are using them.

• Personalise your marketing in line with your customer’s needs.

Think you are up to the task?

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