Handle and The Digital Co join forces

29th September 2017

The Digital Co Masters in Digital

Handle & The Digital Co join forces

You may have heard it already but we have partnered with the fantastic team at Handle.

Together we help Small Businesses get market-leading, digital support for a fraction of traditional costs.

Our partnership offers our customers analysis of their digital performance, always-on digital support and on-going measurement.

Read on and get the full low-down.

Handle customers can get one-on-one digital support

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Firstly, who are Handle?

Handle screen

Handle is an easy-to-use, online application that offers an instant and on-going report of your business’s digital performance.

As you know, the world is digital. Every day the people most important to your business, your prospects and customers, are going online to make decisions about your business. With Handle, you can see what they see.

Handle analyses your business’s performance across:

• Website
• Social Media
• Customer Feedback
• Credit Score
• Finance Score

Following that analysis, Handle builds personalised, easy-to-digest, reports covering every area of your business’s digital profile.

Oh, and you get a 30-day free trial. So why wouldn't you sign up.

Why is this a match made in heaven?

Handle is helping thousands of businesses EVERY month to get a handle on their digital performance, highlighting digital strengths and weaknesses and providing personalised action plans to kick start a digital strategy.

By teaming up with us and our membership, Handle customers can now add one-on-one digital support to help them fulfil their digital potential.

See The Digital Co Membership - it'll blow your mind - for an understanding of the full service on offer.

What immediate benefit do you get from our partnership?

Handle customers receive a free digital consultation; that's right, 30 minutes of uninterrupted chat with one of our highly experienced digital experts.

We learn about your business and, using your information combined with the Handle Score, we can offer immediately actionable recommendations.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you.

What our customers think

Don't believe us, here how real customers feel about the service:

"We feel as if we have an in-house support team. Expertise, advice and encouragement is easily and readily available at the end of a phone or via email. The Digital Co has shown us the way ahead and is giving us the knowledge, impetus and belief that we can make progress in ways we did not think were open to us before."

David Knight, Founder, Presents of Mind


Your business’s entire digital profile in one place.

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