10 Top Marketing Podcasts in 2017

20th April 2017

The Digital Co Masters in Digital

10 Top Marketing Podcasts in 2017

At The Digital Co, we LOVE a good podcast. They can be entertaining, inspirational and play a key role in our marketing education process.

Whilst their growth does not match online Music industry, like online music (Spotify) and online radio (Pandora), more and more people are listening to Podcasts.

We have pulled together 10 podcasts in 2017 to help you with your marketing educational process – take a listen (subscribe if you feel compelled) and let us know which podcasts make a difference to your marketing philosophy.

Mitch Joel is the godfather of digital marketing - listen to him weekly!

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Our Top 10 Marketing Podcasts for you

... in no particular order;

01. Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel is the godfather of digital marketing.

With over 500 weekly shows, he is a veteran and continues to pull in guests of the highest calibre.

How the show works:
Mitch interviews a topical guest each week – either a high profile marketer, author of a recent book or some other marketing related celebrity – and has an in-depth chat about their subject.

The author is always fantastic, however, they are nearly always outshone by Mitch and his ability to take the conversation to levels that are as inspirational as they are informative.

An absolute MUST listen for every marketer in 2017.

Length: 1 hour
Released Weekly: Twist Image Podcast

02. Marketing Over Coffee

Christopher Penn and John Wall have run this iconic marketing podcast for years.

This short, snappy and informative podcast is on the current marketing news; it's a great way to keep up to date AND get marketing leading opinions.

How the show works:
John mixes the show up with either conversation directly with Chris, or interviews a guest.

John's no nonsense hosting means the show focus’ is on the marketing, demonstrating a high level of knowledge across many subjects.

The dynamic with Chris is natural, keeping the tone light-hearted.

MOC should be on your weekly hit list of shows incorporate into your marketing education.

Length: 30 minutes
Released Weekly: Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

03. Coaching for Leaders

Dave Stachowiak is the host of Coaching for Leaders and, despite never meeting him, could quite possibly be the nicest person I have ever (not) met!

Dave used to work at Carnegie College and takes many of his principals from Dale Carnegie who wrote ‘How to win friends & influence people’.

How the show works:
Dave either interviews an expert of runs a Q&A with his wife, Bonnie.

They take a relevant, often difficult, subject in leadership and discuss how you can tackle this. Dave shows empathy, experience, knowledge and a huge amount of calmness when discussing leadership.

This is a must listen for all levels of experience who are either managing, or have aspirations of managing, staff.

Length: 45 minutes
Released Weekly: Coaching For Leaders Podcast

04. PNR: This Old Marketing

Co-hosted by the founder of the Content Marketing Institute Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose.

A fun, entertaining look at current marketing news, with a measure of opinion thrown in.

How the show works:
Robert plays the voice of reason, with Joe the resident expert – in truth they are both exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about digital marketing and content marketing in particular.

Taking several news stories each week, RR and Pulizzi explain to the listeners what is going on, and what they think this will mean. They are also hilarious, so it's worth listening just for the laugh.

The Digital Co do not miss a week of this podcast as it continues to inspire and inform.

Length: 45 minutes
Released Weekly: PNR Marketing Podcast

05. The GaryVee Audio Experience

If you have never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, you have been living under a rock.

An entrepreneur, come digital marketing expert, GaryVee is as straight talking as it comes… and pretty EVERYTHING he says is marketing gold.

How the show works:
The show is made up of a number of elements of content taken from Gary’s weekly activity.

Whether it is a Keynote, an interview on TV, a Q&A (#AskGaryVee) or just a thought he wants to share, Gary and his team put it online.

Oh, he also runs VaynerMedia ; a full service digital agency worth over $650million.

Length: Varied (Up to 1.15 hours)
Released Weekly: GaryVee Audio Experience

06. The Pitch

This is a unique show taking the likes of Dragons Den and Shark Tank from the TV screen to audio.

Currently in its 2nd season, learn (and be entertained) as entrepreneurs pitch their idea to investors and get instant feedback.

How the show works:
The Pitch is a podcast like no other. The host is a successful Internet entrepreneur with voice of reasoning coming from a senior investor from 500 start ups.

The show launches and takes you through a journey where you see their ideas coming to life via behind the scenes audio, the process they use to monetise the podcast and how they plan to adapt and improve.

Not only can you learn from the pitches (how to and not to do things), you pick up ideas for new and coming-soon MarTech concepts.

What The Digital Co love about it, is it's a content marketing case study happening right in front of you. And it's really entertaining.

Length: 30mins
Released Weekly: The Pitch Podcast

07. James Altucher show

James is chronically honest.

As a serial entrepreneur, starting in web design & development, he tells the truth in his podcast (and books, blog posts and videos too) of making and losing $millions as he interviews some of the most interesting people on the planet.

How the show works:
James conducts a 1-2-1, Face-to-Face interview with his guest. They go through the journey of their life and how they became to be who they are.

His ability to read his guest and get them to open up on all kinds of subjects means every podcast keeps you engaged.

This podcast maintains a digital feel, but delivers insight across many areas giving you great content - and your own therapy session - on a weekly basis.

Length: 1+ hours
Released Weekly: The James Altucher Show

08. Call To Action (Unbounce podcast)

This podcast is brought to you by Unbounce: the world’s leading Landing Page authority.

It discusses all things landing page-y and around optimisation.

How the show works:
Employees of Unbounce run the podcast and cover a variety of subjects in a variety of formats.

It's a laid back, friendly show that drills into practical insights through internal case studies, 1-2-1 interviews, industry trends and news.

Length: 30 minutes
Released Weekly: The Call to Action Podcast

09. Copy blogger.fm podcast

Copy blogger consistently re-writes the rule book on content marketing.

This is there weekly audio format to sharing their insights and information with the world.

How the show works:
Hosted by their Chief of Content, Sonia Simone, this practical podcast discusses trends, guides and helpful tips across all things content.

It's short, snappy format drills into tried and tested content marketing recommendations giving you immediate ideas to takeaway and use.

Definitely worth a listen if content marketing plays a role in your day-to-day life.

Length: under 30 minutes
Released Weekly: The Copyblogger Podcast: Rainmaker.FM

10. YouPreneur.FM

Chris Ducker is the leading entrepreneur in 'The Power of You'.

An entertaining and insightful podcast that helps you with all things personal branding.

How the show works:
Chris is a highly successful entrepreneur who shares his knowledge on personal branding. He has written books, ran and sold companies and built and runs YouPreneur - a community specifically for personal brands.

The podcast is hosted by Chris and delivered through interviews, case studies and solo-shows. Chris is very charismatic and instantly wins you over with his honest, but calculated manner.

This is a must listen to for anyone who wants to learn how to promote themselves or their business.

Length: up to 45 minutes
Released Weekly: The Chris Ducker Podcast

Is Podcasting for you?

These are our favourite podcasts! Whether you commute 10 minutes or 2 hours, we recommend you make time to listen to one episode per day; it really opens your mind up to other, informed, opinions.

And if you are thinking of creating your own Podcast or perhaps you have one already as part of your personal brand, what is your topic of conversation? We want to hear from you, so please get in touch and let's chat; we'd love to hear more and you never know, you could make our next top 10.

Until then, good luck!


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